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White Phantom is a trading name for Direct Wedding Cars Ltd.; a company that excel when it comes to providing luxury car hire and chauffeuring services nationwide. Because of this tag and the fact that we take our business very seriously, we know any experience you have with us will leave you wanting to use White Phantom time and time again in the future.

At White Phantom, we pride ourselves on knowing what it is that a customer wants, particularly when looking for the ideal wedding car. For a day that is already captioned as being ‘the best day of your life’, we know how stressful and hectic things can be in living up to the title, which is why the complete service we offer concentrates on keeping your wedding car stresses down to a bare minimum. From enquiring to perusing, from choosing to booking and from receiving to enjoying, we aim for your luxury car-hire experience with us to be 100% to your satisfaction and will always do whatever we can to help.

The White Phantom team consists of a number of passionate, car-loving professionals who put their heart and soul into the business. With vast knowledge of cars between them, the team know that for a wedding day only the best is good enough; which is why this is what we deliver through our Rolls-Royce Phantoms. Our chauffeurs are also fully-experienced, reliable and professional: arriving on time, driving with skill and care and being friendly and as helpful as possible at all time – anything to ensure that you, the customer, are happy. The White Phantom team will go that one step further to make sure you are left smiling; for anything extra you need, all you have to do is ask.

The white Rolls-Royce Phantom is the ideal wedding car for bride, groom or any other part of the wedding party. But what makes us stand out even further as a company is the white Rolls-Royce Phantoms we have on offer; you have a choice between five original number plates exclusive to White Phantom guaranteeing you a unique experience and leaving you the awe of your guests, as well as the exclusive Project Kahn Phantom; one that is different to the norm. Whatever you choose, you will be the centre of attention.

Once again, highlighting that we can provide you with a chauffeur-driven top-of-the-range exclusive white Rolls-Royce Phantom for your wedding day or any other occasion nationwide, with an impeccable service to match, there is no reason not to choose White Phantom. Contact us today to discuss your wants and needs and let us begin our White Phantom journey, together.