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To Gift or not to Gift

That is the question when it comes to weddings. Back in the day, before the internet, before shops offered wedding list registry, and before couples lived together before they married, it was pretty much guess work as to what to buy for the bride and groom. There used to be a running joke as to how many toasters a couple would receive on their wedding day and usually there were at least three. In those days the couple would have normally been living with their parents until they tied the knot and then set up home literally from scratch. Of course, that was general tradition and it would be unfair to generalize and put everyone in the same pigeon hole, but back in the 1970’s and 1980’s it was probably more common than it is today.

With today’s couples and the changes in society, many of them set up home long before they get married and therefore pose a problem for their wedding guests. When they do decide to have their big day they have a long established home with all the furniture and chattels that they need. Many of them have even had a family, so what do you buy as a wedding gift for people in that situation?

Do they have a List?

Large shops such as John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Argos and many others have online bridal registry lists where guests can choose a gift. The bride and groom register their list and select certain items that they want people to choose from and there are many options, from furniture to kitchenware, to bathroom items and even home improvement. When the guests view the list they can select an entire item or choose to contribute to a more expensive item, sharing the cost with other guests. There are incidents where an expensive set of crockery is on the list, but at five pound for each plate, guests have the option to buy one or two plates until the entire set is fully purchased. It’s a clever way for couples to build a set of crockery without each guest having to spend too much money.

Oh, no, no list?

Ok, so there’s no list, so what do you buy? You can actually buy something you know they want by asking them if they have anything specific in mind. If they are not sure there is always the choice of giving a gift certificate or giving money. This may seem to many to be lacking imagination, but so many newly married couples much prefer the idea of receiving a gift they can actually choose what to do with. If they have no preferences at the time, they can keep that money or gift certificate for a later date when something does come up that they want. Hopefully, if you are going to a wedding any time soon, you won’t have any issues about what to buy the bride and groom.

To Gift or not to Gift