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Welcoming the Phantom

2013 is the year of the Phantom and open-top motoring just got even more romantic.  When you see the front of the new Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe you might think it’s something out of a sci-fi movie. The clustered LED headlights offer optimum lighting abilities and the grille gently leans at the top, toward the windshield, creating a romantic looking tilt. While the headlamps sit in two aperture frames, they have a strong, spotlight like impact when lit.  Under the hood, the gearbox has been upgraded to eight-speed and the new rear differential is designed for better fuel economy.

When BMW took over Rolls Royce there must have been some doubts as to the transition, but those fears would definitely have been unfounded. As with BMW cars, we had come to expect a certain standard from the specialist handmade vehicles of Rolls Royce, but so far they have kept to the blueprint.

Skilled craftsmen work tirelessly to perfect the leather interior of each individual car. The woodwork that goes into each dashboard is lovingly created to flawlessly go from one coordinated wing mirror, through the dashboard and out the other side to the other wing mirror. That’s probably something that most people wouldn’t think to notice, but that’s what makes a Rolls Royce a Rolls Royce, isn’t it? It’s all in the details that go into making the Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe the perfect marriage of romantic driving and performance driving.

So many other features about the Rolls Royce Phantom can be personalized, from the gadgets inside to the colour of the trim and the seating.  It is more or less a blank canvas that buyers can do whatever they like to, during manufacture. The clever thing about Rolls Royce is that they have a knack for putting nifty little things into their cars that make you say ‘oh, that’s so neat’.  One thing that makes a person coo is the concealed umbrella, marvelously hidden inside the door. Of course, that’s optional too, but who wouldn’t think that was cool?

Personalized TV’s are not an uncommon addition too and neither are DVD players and personal high-audio systems. The twenty-one inch wheels also have three new style options, including polished, part polished and painted.  There are also five cameras positioned around the vehicle, for front, top and rear views.  No doubt the brochure will speak for itself, but the features you can add are amazing.

If you haven’t already seen the new Rolls Royce Phantom take a look. If you have already seen it you can stop drooling now, just a little, anyway. It’s easy to fall in love with a new car, but it’s far more easy to fall in love with a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe.

Welcoming the Phantom