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The Irresistible Glamour of a White Phantom

The Irresistible Glamour of a White Phantom

White Phantom hire is a popular choice for brides and grooms around the country. When it comes to choosing the right car for their wedding they want a Rolls Royce Phantom with a professional chauffeur to ensure they get to the venue or church on time and in luxury.  The idea of having a chauffeur appeals to everyone at one time or another but with a wedding this is easily attainable. When you choose to hire the services of a wedding car company to take you to and from the wedding venue and reception it is like living the dream, for many. We all aspire to have opulence and riches but we don’t all end up with such. For many, the one day they can feel like a princess or a King is when they are in a luxurious car being driven around.

The Rolls Royce Phantom has a long history, dating back to its first production in 1925. Since then it has become a role model in beauty and elegance to which other cars strive to aspire. The sleek and clean design is aerodynamic and graceful and the engine can barely be heard both inside and outside the car. Inside the car is luxury unsurpassed by many vehicles, with its leather, hand stitched upholstery and hand-crafted wooden dashboards. Each piece of the car is hand-made and fitted together by skilled craftsmen who spend years training before they can graduate to the Rolls Royce factory line.

If you are planning a wedding in the near future you will need to account for many factors, such as catering, guest numbers, seating, venue and transportation.  If you choose to ride to your wedding in a white Phantom, hire a company who you know has a good reputation for punctuality and pricing. It would be a most frustrating experience if you were left waiting for taxi because your hired chauffeur didn’t show up at the right time to get you to your wedding.

Check the websites of reputable companies who you know to be reliable. Talk to your friends and find out who they used for their weddings or ask around to find out if anyone knows of a company who offers white Phantom hire for weddings. Doing your research and homework before you decide which one to use can save you time, money and stress. Talk to any prospective company and get testimonials if possible, so you know you are in good hands.  Find out pricing structures and ask any questions you need to ask. Only then will you be able to sit back and trust that your magical day will be stress free and go without a hitch.