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Reasons to Choose a White Phantom

Reasons to Choose a White Phantom

A white wedding has probably become the most popular idea of a wedding in many places around the world. The colour white gives the impression of purity, like the driven snow, untouched by human feet or hands. It represents wholesomeness and naturalness that a bride wants to feel on her big day. She chooses a white dress, white shoes, white veil and white flowers to emphasize her own purity as she gives herself away to the person of her dreams. It is highly fitting then, that she would want to make that journey in a white car.

For you brides out there, who are planning your magical day, you are probably thinking of a whole range of possibilities for your journey. White Phantom hire has become a very popular choice among brides because the Phantom has a long and illustrious history. In 1925 the first Phantom was produced and since then it has had no less than nine inceptions, coming right up to date with the four-door and coupe versions. Over the years of its production, the Rolls Royce Phantom has been subjected to design changes to keep up with modern technology and fashion. Now equipped with LED lights and eco-friendly features, the Phantom also has standard fitted heated seats for extra comfort. There are so many other special features, such as the front console display with navigation panel, that make the modern Rolls Royce Phantom an absolute must for White Phantom hire companies who offer their vehicles for weddings.

A ride fit for a princess

Any bride would feel like a fairytale princess if they were driven to their wedding in a Phantom. The smooth and quiet construction of a Rolls Royce Phantom is indicative of the world class standard of Rolls Royce. The handmade interior is opulence personified and the super suspension offers more of a glide than a ride. The bride can open the small drinks cabinet and have a tipple of her choice on the way to the wedding venue, just to calm any last moment jitters and she can even watch a DVD as she travels. As all models can be customized they will vary in their in-car specifications, but generally the top of the range model could have pretty much any feature the buyer chooses.

White Phantom hire wedding car companies always buy Phantoms with a bride in mind. They want to offer her the very best start to her wedding day, with the best possible luxurious options.  When she sets foot inside the Rolls Royce Phantom on the day of her wedding she will enter a world of feeling special, looked after and cherished. Something she will no doubt want to experience every day, for the rest of her life.