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White Rolls Royce Ghost available for Hire

We’ve got a stunning array of Phantoms, now it’s time to give a warm welcome to the newest addition to our fleet, the Rolls Royce Ghost. The Ghost, part of the Rolls Royce family, comes with all the hallmarks of a luxury car from the sleek and beautifully designed exterior to the gorgeous interior. The finish on the Rolls Royce Ghost takes a week to perfect. With attention to detail like that for the exterior, imagine how it looks inside! The soft leather is stitched perfectly; together with the wooden detailing and the plush carpets, the overall feeling projected is one of space and style. The Ghost is marketed as a ‘baby’ Rolls Royce, coming in slightly smaller than the usual frame. But every last bit of space has been allocated perfectly, and there’s still legroom to stretch out and relax in.

Like our other cars, the Ghost is suited to weddings and it offers an experience beyond compare. For brides looking to make a graceful entrance, this is the perfect car. The low height of the interior means exits and entrances can be made with ease, and without having to manouevre a beautifully designed dress in a tricky fashion! The simplicity of the design means it is suited to a variety of wedding themes and styles, yet it maintains the feeling of occasion due to its perfectly finished stylings. The Rolls Royce Ghost is a car whose experience is only made better by being chauffeur driven. Hiring it for your wedding, anniversary, or a stylish celebration is a choice that can’t go wrong. This beautiful car boasts the stamp of a Rolls Royce and the effortless luxury that comes with it.