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Treat Your Bridesmaids to a White Phantom?

Treat Your Bridesmaids to a White Phantom?When it comes to a wedding and thinking about transport, the most important things to think of are making sure the groom gets there on time and of course, that the bride gets there on time; everyone else is secondary to them. But once that’s all sorted, where does your mind wander next, particularly when you’re the bride?

No bride could probably get through the biggest day of her life without her favourite ‘girlies’ by her side; after all, the girls were there to laugh and cry with way before the other half came along and stole the spotlight. This is why bridesmaid cars are just as important as the brides car nowadays, with more and more brides booking out luxury cars for their maids to arrive at their wedding on time and in style, too!

Luxury bridesmaid cars are becomingly increasingly popular in the modern wedding now, with bridesmaids usually arriving in a matching or similar vehicle to the bride, just like Kim Kardashian did at her flamboyant wedding last year, hiring out a full fleet of white Rolls Royce Phantoms for the full wedding party. White Phantom believe this idea to be wonderful, and can now allow you to do the very same. Maybe hiring out our pearlescent Project Kahn Phantom for the bride, and having the bridesmaids arriving in a similar-but-not-the-same white Rolls-Royce Phantom is the way to go for you? Or you could have yourself, your bridesmaids and your family in a matching fleet of white Rolls-Royce Phantoms with the only different being in the number plate, ensuring that the brides party arrives in the best, most stylish and most luxurious of ways possible!

Your bridesmaids do a lot for you as the bride, putting in their blood, sweat and tears in the build up to one of the biggest days of your life. So why not surprise them with a treat like this, just to say thank you on your wedding day? Every Princess deserves a Prince but every bridesmaid deserves a Phantom we say, and it’s surely something they won’t forget for a very long time. Get in touch with White Phantom now to discuss white Rolls-Royce Phantom hire and what we can offer you and your bridesmaids today.