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The Craziest Roller In The World!

The Craziest Roller In The World!If Willy Wonka owned a Rolls-Royce Phantom as well as a chocolate factory, this would definitely be his kind of car.

These are quite possibly the craziest choices we’ve ever seen when it comes to customisation of the iconic, ultra-luxurious car, the Rolls-Royce Phantom and we’re not pretty sure if we like it. We’re pretty sure that we hate it, although it’s definitely something different.

Firstly the owner clearly had enough money to purchase the high-end vehicle, but not enough wealth in terms of class and taste. It looks like a young child has sat in front of the car with a designer and said, “I want this part to be this colour, and that part to be that colour” …etc. except it wasn’t a young child but a fully grown man who did that with designer Pablo Rabiella. Choosing white, yellow and purple to adorn the outside of the car, with a gold grille and glitter on the hood, the car really is a sight for sore eyes.

Inside the customer has gone even more wild with bright orange and pink upholstery, covering even the ceiling. This is definitely not the car you want to be getting into with a bad headache; it will only make it worse!

Check out the pictures for yourself. We think you’ll be amazed and unbelieving, as we were too at first.

We’re always up for a bit of customisation and really enjoy seeing what customers have done to their cars, but this car was beyond even our imagination! That’s why at White Phantom we stick to our simple, sophisticated and stunning Rolls-Royce Phantoms in the colour white with which you just can’t go wrong. Use White Phantom for your white Rolls-Royce Phantom hire and we assure you, you will be turning heads for a good reason, not for a bad one in the way of this multi-coloured Roller right here!

The Craziest Roller In The World!The Craziest Roller In The World!