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White Phantoms Available for Muslim Weddings After Ramadan!

White Phantoms Available for Muslim Weddings After Ramadan!As well all know, the ideal season to tie the knot in is summertime but the Islamic holy month of Ramadan has fallen within the main wedding season this year. Weddings in Ramadan itself are not common among Muslim people as this is a very religious and holy time; a time for reflection and self-bettering. For this reason, many Muslim couples decided to get married before Ramadan this year in which we had a great surge in White Phantom bookings. The other half decided to set their wedding dates for just after Ramadan, still within the summer season, and if you fall into this category of people then you’ve certainly found yourself in the right place for your perfect wedding car.

We know for your wedding day you’ll want to hire companies that have had experience in providing services at similar weddings before, which is why White Phantoms are ideal for your choice of wedding carhire company. We’ve provided our services at many Muslim weddings in the past and we are sensitive of traditions and know the ins and outs of how a Muslim wedding day runs. We know the arrival of Baraat (the groom’s party) is usually a loud and proud affair, which is why our cars are the perfect way to arrive. Even with the Rukhsati (Bride saying goodbye to family and friends), we know how emotional this can be and will ensure to provide you a service where you don’t feel pressurised or rushed into hurrying up.

All our Muslim clients have been very impressed with our service, our professionalism, empathy and sensitivity in the past and even more so impressed by our beautiful white Rolls-Royce Phantoms: the number 1 wedding car in the UK and around the world. Our cars all come chauffeur-driven too taking much of the stress of your wedding day away from your shoulders.

We know at the moment you’re probably very hungry and tired from fasting, as well as trying to prepare for your wedding day on top of it all, but allow White Phantoms to take some of your worries away by giving us a call today to discuss your wedding car. Once left in our capable hands, we assure you you’ll have no wedding car woes to worry about!