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Be Unique in a Project Kahn!

Be Unique in a Project Kahn!


You know and we know that the white Rolls-Royce Phantom is something else altogether. If you’ve ever seen one, whether up close and personal, or whether driving past you on the road, you know this is one car that just can’t be ignored. The presence this luxury car has on the road is indescribable; it’s not just its size that makes you stop and stare, it’s the way it carries itself, elegant and powerful both at the same time.

In white, the Phantom is truly stunning for a wedding day or any other big event. You already know White Phantom have a whole host of beautiful white Rolls-Royce Phantoms for hire with different and unique number plates to help you stand apart even more on your big day. But if you want to go all out and be even more different, then we have to introduce you to a car exclusively available through White Phantom in the UK: the Project Kahn Rolls-Royce Phantom Silver Mist.

Kahn Automobiles is a car customisation company that take making luxury cars unique and different to a whole different dimension. The quality and skill they put into their craft is second-to-none and their end products are always breathtaking, removing them from the world of uniformity and clichés. Taking the white Rolls-Royce Phantom, Project Kahn added a coating of pearlescent white paint all over the body making this Phantom sparkle spectacularly in the sunlight, and glint majestically in the moonlight. The added bigger alloy wheels give the Phantom a bolder, more extravagant look while the car itself retains everything essentially Rolls-Royce: still a luxury, bespoke vehicle at the top end of the luxury car scale, with a few added bonuses to take it above and beyond the rest.

The pearly shine makes this Project Kahn Phantom ideal for any princess on her fairytale wedding, or any wedding at all for that matter. It is something different and something that not many people have seen before, and it is available to that person that wants something a little different through White Phantom today. Call us as soon as possible and let us Project Kahn you up!