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White Phantoms For The Olympics 2012!


White Phantoms For The Olympics 2012!The Olympics are coming, the Olympics are coming, and the Olympics… are coming! Not that you need reminding of course, as the whole of the UK has kind of gone Olympic crazy; with special two pound coins commemorating the occasion, to people dressing in the colours, to others standing outside for hours just to catch a glimpse of the torch as it gets carried through the country. 2012 will be remembered in the UK for this reason mostly, so it’s justifiable for people wanting to go all out and celebrate the occasion in style.

The Olympics 2012 are set to take place in London this summer starting on the 27th July with a massive, grand opening ceremony running all the way through to 12th August, giving everyone plenty of occasions and reasons to go all out.

If you’re looking to attend the opening ceremony in London or any one of the games (which of course is what the Olympics is about after all), then you can truly make your memories of London 2012 stand out with one of our gorgeous white Rolls-Royce Phantoms. Chauffeur-driven and in pristine condition, our white Phantoms are the epitome of luxury when it comes to high-class cars; beautiful externally and internally, with a White Phantoms service to match.

Attending the Olympics 2012 could not be done in any better way than a Rolls-Royce Phantom, really bringing a royal feel to your time in London and making sure that everyone around you knows that someone special is about to make their entrance to the games. Sipping champagne in the back while lounging in the fine leather interior will make you feel like the VIP you are, while adding to your memories of London 2012 which are sure to stay with you for your lifetime.

Contact us today for Rolls-Royce Phantom Olympics 2012 hire. We won’t disappoint you!