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The Number 1 Wedding Car!

The Number 1 Wedding Car!Among all the rain, dark June days and low temperatures, surprisingly or not it is officially wedding season, and everyone seems to be getting married!

Personally, the White Phantom team have been invited along to many a wedding in the next couple months as you probably have too. However, if this is your year to play bride or groom and you’re looking for the ideal wedding car then look no further – you’re in the right place!

Did you know the white Rolls-Royce Phantom has been voted no.1 wedding car by countless car websites, critics and bloggers, especially over the last few years? That’s not just a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of fact, as carhire companies have experienced a massive increase in people enquiring about and hiring the white Phantom too.

So what is it about the white Rolls-Royce Phantom that makes it so special and so desired for weddings in particular?

Well firstly, taking into account its stunning good looks, in white the Phantom is a spectacle to behold. Sleek, pure and stealthy, with the signature Rolls-Royce grille and measuring almost 6 metres in length, the Phantom commands and receives attention as it glides down the road. The Phantom has a presence unrivalled by any other luxury car, and mystically owns its surroundings as it drives on by.

Internally, only the best high-quality materials are used to make the interior as opulent and as luxurious as its exterior. With enough space for you, a few friends and your massive dress (if you are the bride of course) to relax in the rich leather seats, while enjoying many of the luxury amenities the Phantom has to offer, your ride to your wedding venue will be nothing less than perfect. Designed to be chauffeur driven, our professional chauffeurs will ensure you are driven around in true celebrity style like the VIP you are on the biggest day of your life.

The white Rolls-Royce Phantom is the ideal way to make that impact that every couple seek to make on their wedding day. Beautiful externally and internally, and with so much respect and prestige attached to the Rolls-Royce name, with a white Phantom you just can’t go wrong.

Even if the rain does pour on your wedding, your Rolls-Royce Phantom will shine through it all making sure you stay smiling. Our Phantoms all come with a unique number plate too, ensuring you standout even more. So contact us today and let us help make sure the sun comes out for you on your special day!