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Royal Ascot Phantom Hire – It’s Not Too Late!

Royal Ascot Phantom Hire – It’s Not Too Late!We’re in the Royal Ascot period of 2012 already, with the event starting yesterday, 19th June. Lasting until this Saturday 23rd June, there is still time to get the ideal ride to the Royal Ascot races through White Phantom, making sure you make an impact on at least one of the days.

The Royal Ascot is one of the pinnacle events of the summer social season, and anyone that is anyone likes to make an appearance. Women try to outdo each other with bigger and crazier hats every year, while people stand around more often than not pretending to be interested in the actual horses when in fact they’re more interested in looking at the people, and what so and so is wearing and what so and so is doing and most importantly to us, how so and so arrived…

Now, with thanks to White Phantom, you could most certainly be the so and so everybody is talking about, arriving in a show-stopping white Rolls-Royce Phantom. Not only being one of the most luxurious, sought-after, desired and respected cars that the world has to offer, our Rolls-Royce Phantoms come with our unique number plates guaranteeing that your Phantom could even stand out against a crowd of other Phantoms. We know our cars are just that special.

Chauffeur-driven and in pristine condition, we will make sure you arrive to the race you’re attending perfectly on time and in perfect luxury. Your chauffeur will even be waiting afterwards to take you home, or wherever else you want to go in your exclusive white Rolls-Royce Phantom; after all, you may aswell make the most of it!

Whether the horses are or aren’t important to you, arriving in style will most definitely be towards the top of your Royal Ascot agenda, so let us help you tick that off. It’s not too late to book a chauffeur-driven white Rolls-Royce Phantom through White Phantom, so call us right now to see what we can do for you!