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White Rolls Royce Ghost

 White Rolls Royce Ghost














With the prestige of the Rolls Royce make, it seems hard to think the Rolls Royce Ghost would deliver anything but thebest. The car is pure luxury, and offers a stunning experience, as well as being truly remarkable aesthetically. The Ghost is built with a smaller frame than the Rolls Royce Phantom, but the two are in the same family of Rolls Royces. The link is evident in the name – both the Ghost and the Phantom glide along smoothly, giving the occupants a noiseless ride whilst onlookers willonly notice it because of its eye-catching appearance. This is because of the air sprung suspension which cushions the car from the imperfections of the road and gives that unique ‘magic carpet ride’ sensation that comes with the Rolls Royce. The powerful v12 engine also imbues it with speed and power, enabling it to navigate the road with ease. Even when driving through somewhere like the streets of London, movement feels effortless and bestows a relaxing vibe upon the journey, which is perfect to maintain the mood for celebration!

The sleek exterior and frame is complimented beautifully by the notable interior. Whilst the Phantom also excels when it comes to the interior, the Ghost is surprising in what it offers. Standing at a smaller size than the Phantom, the Ghost manages to create a feeling of space and luxury inside, and makes the most of every available inch. This combines with a gorgeous finish; glossy wood panelling, soft leather and plush carpets. This feeling of space and luxury also creates a place in which to escape and relax. The Rolls Royce Ghost is perfect for those seeking an unforgettable experience, or the elegance of a smooth, gliding ride. The car was designed with simplicity in mind, and offers the highest quality experience without excess. It’s a rare feat to pull off luxury without being ostentatious, but the Ghost manages to do so with the smooth, clean lines and the well-finished interior. There are also the extras that come with the Ghost such as the in-car entertainment system, which almost isn’t required – basking in the beauty of the Ghost is entertainment enough!

For making an entrance, the Ghost is the car: the rear hinged coach doors are made to be opened by a chauffeur, and the ‘authority driving’ position clearly marks out the need for it to be driven. Which is all the more reason why the Ghost is a car perfectly suited for hiring, chauffeur driven. Imagine beingdriven, relaxing in the sumptuous leather back seats, surrounded by the beautiful symmetry of the Ghost’s design, gliding along. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? It’s definitely a car that creates a sense of event, of theatre, and as such it’s well matched to any kind of celebration, from weddings to a classy night out. Arriving in this will make your entrance truly unforgettable.